Ham and Cheese Sandwich







  • 12 slices of BRIOCHE
  • MAYONNAISE as you like
  • DIJON MUSTARD as you like
  • 12 Slices of BLACK FOREST HAM (any ham you like will work)
  • 4 slices of SWISS CHEESE (any sliced cheese you like will work)
  • 8 thin slices of TOMATO
  • 4 leaves of BIBB LETTUCE



Take 4 slices of bread and spread as much mayonnaise as you like on them, after that place a leaf of bibb lettuce on top of each bread. Then Place two slices of tomatoes on top of the lettuce, I like to season with salt and fresh crack pepper the tomatoes at this point, after that place a slice of swiss cheese on top of the tomatoes and finish by placing three slices of ham on top of the cheese. You want your ham kind of rolls or in a swirl (sort of way) just make sure it give some height to the meat. Finally grab the other 4 slices of bread and spread some Dijon mustard on them, or a lot, as you like. Close the sandwich placing the spreaded side of the bread face down on top of the ham and you are done.



  • Take the lettuce and tomato out and you can grill your sandwiches if you want them hot
  • After you grilled them, try covering them with bechamel sauce and a generous portion of gruyere or emmentaler cheese, broil them until golden brown and you’ll have a “Croque Monsieur”
  • Also, take the lettuce and tomato out and use french toast instead of plain bread and you’ll have a “Monte Cristo”
  • Make sure the lettuce is washed and dry, otherwise your bread and sandwich will get soggy
  • Slicing the tomatoes with some time ahead will prevent them from dropping all their juice on your sandwich and getting the bread soggy.

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