Must be one of the most consumed food preparations in the world, everybody loves sandwiches.

I found my love for sandwiches when I was 16 years old and left home for a few months. Of course, I didn’t know how to cook anything so the most familiar thing to cooking was just putting together two pieces of bread with something inside. If you think about it, that´s exactly what any sandwich is, just two pieces of bread holding some vegetables, condiments, maybe cheese and some sort of meat in most cases.

Yeah I know… now there are wraps, open face sandwiches, vegetarian versions and a whole entire world of recipes just for sandwiches. The point is that people love them and will never stop eating them, so after doing my research and also influenced by my experience, I decided to make a list of the 20 sandwiches you can’t live without.

Why you can’t live without them you may ask? Because there are good for lunch, breakfast, late snacks, left over food, pic nics, trips, outdoors activities in general and pretty much any non formal gathering with friends and family.

Before we go into the list I though you will appreciate some food knowledge or food fact… Did you know that the term “Sandwich”  comes from John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich? Yeap, in the mid 1700´s there was a Lord Sandwich (I know it sounds hillarious), and he was a card player and intense gambler that would not take the time to eat a proper meal during his long gambling hours with his aristocratic friends, instead he will order his servants to put a piece of meat between two pieces of bread, that way the grease of the meat won’t get on the cards and he could eat his meal without using a fork, sooner or later people starting calling these preparation “the Sandwich”  


Hope you like that, but it´s time for the good stuff…  LET’S GET COOKING!!!


  1. Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  2. Tuna Salad Sandwich
  3. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
  4. Waffle breakfast Sandwich
  5. Club Sandwich
  6. Pulled Pork Sandwich
  7. Cheeseburger
  8. Hot Dog
  9. Leftover Turkey Sandwich
  10. Bocadillo- Spanish Sandwich
  11. Arepa- Venezuelan Sandwich
  12. Torta- Mexican Sandwich
  13. Chori Pan- Argentinean Sandwich
  14. Salmon and cream cheese bagel
  15. Fish sandwich
  16. Shrimp and Crab Salad Sandwich
  17. Veggie sandwich
  18. Meatball Sandwich
  19. Italian Sub
  20. Chicken Shawarma


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